JCI Bangladesh

JCI Bangladesh is one of the active and result driven National Organizations of JCI. JCI Bangladesh had been contributing in creating leaders and resulting sustainable positive impacts in the society since its inception. The inception of the Jaycee movement in Bangladesh commenced in the year 1972 by young active citizens who were determined to identify problems in the existing social structure and create sustainable impact. The spirit of these young active individuals was mirrored rapidly by similar minded people and thus the first network of active citizens in Bangladesh was formed. In the 90’s JCI Bangladesh went through extensive uplifting and enhancement. In the year 2000, JCI Bangladesh received its full affiliation status. Currently, JCI Bangladesh has 14 Local Chapters with more than 850 members in Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet. Till date, we have had 7 JCI Vice Presidents, 1 JCI Executive Vice President and 1 Treasurer from Bangladesh.

JCI Bangladesh received the 100% efficiency award for consecutively three years in 2014, 2015, and 2016. After a gap for a year, it again received the award in 2018 and then again on 2019. Local Chapters of JCI Bangladesh contribute extensively towards the betterment of the society and community. The underprivileged population of Bangladesh is benefitted extensively by the impactful activities by the local chapters that have been appreciated tremendously by JCI members worldwide. Our members have made JCI Bangladesh proud in many international conferences and events. The 2020 National Governing Board consists of seven executive committee members, three vice presidents, one training commissioner and six directors. JCI Bangladesh use to conduct different community development projects addressing the SDGs, development interventions for members and young people of the country, do fellowship programs, partners with stakeholders for joint projects, conduct advocacy workshops, award ceremonies for recognizing outstanding young leaders, national level policy dialogues, round table discussions, workshops, conferences, summits etc.

JCI Bangladesh is a young leader’s community with an excellent reputation. It has actively contributed to the local community with various brilliant initiatives. It is a platform that helps young minds grow more and appreciate all the positivity among members. We are not only an organisation but also a family that will listen to you and help you to flourish in your personal and professional life with:

  • Community Development,
  • Wide Networking,
  • Skill Development,
  • Professional Training and much more.