Digital Career Bootcamp Launching Program

Digital Career Bootcamp Launching Program

Digital Business Network is a community of Digital Business and Digital career enthusiastic people who get to develop their professional and interpersonal skills through various training sessions and build a strong network among themselves.

With a vision of spreading the knowledge of digital careers globally, Digital Business Network is going to launch Digital Career Bootcamp. This Bootcamp consists of 40+ webinar series by industry experts and mentors, 10+ roadshows to various universities across the county, and a grand gala event.

The mission of this Bootcamp is to make the youth aware of the massive opportunities that Digital Businesses are providing globally and to develop the professional skills of the youth who want to build their careers on digital platforms.

Through the 40+ webinar series and roadshows, the industry experts and the mentors will train people in various sectors of Digital Business, like Freelancing, Print On Demand Business, Social Media Marketing, Seo, Content Marketing, and whatnot!

The launching event of Digital Career Bootcamp was held on 23rd July. Some of the renowned associations of Bangladesh joined at that event.

The Founder of Digital Business Network Mr. S.M Belal Uddin mentioned that the mission of thisBootcamp is to encourage the youth to build their career on digital platforms and train them to develop their skill in Digital business.

SM Belal is giving speech - Digital Career Bootcamp Launching Program

The webinar series of this Bootcamp will be streamed live from the Facebook page of Digital Business Network. The people who will register for joining this webinar series will grab the opportunity to get free membership of Digital Business Network throughout the year.

Digital Career Bootcamp Launching Program

So, if you’re looking to build your career in Digital platforms, then this Bootcamp will open the doors of opportunities for you.


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